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The Daily Prayer services below are provided in both Book of Common Prayer and Common Worship versions. These services include the Collect of the day. You may wish to view the Collects for future weeks as well. link to Daily Office Website
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Book of Common Prayer Common Worship
BCP Morning Prayer Yesterday CW Morning Prayer Yesterday
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BCP Evening Prayer Yesterday CW Evening Prayer Yesterday
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Night Prayer (Traditional) Yesterday Night Prayer (Contemporary) Yesterday
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Worship on your mobile phone

The daily services listed above are also available on your mobile phone. There are a number of Apps which you can use. Open Prayer Book works fine for me on Android.

Pray with Us

Prayer using the biblical book of Psalms is a long established practice in the Church. Jesus would have used the Psalms since they were part of the synagogue services which he attended (Luke 4.16). There were also Psalms associated with going up to Jerusalem (John 11.55) for the major annual festivals (Deuteronomy 16.16).

Praying the Psalms flourished over the centuries and developed into 7 or 8 prayer services in some monastic houses. In England at the time of the Reformation, these services were combined into the 2 daily prayer services which are known in the 1662 Prayer Book as Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer.

Praying at certain hours of the day may have been associated with clergy praying the Daily Offices. However praying using Psalms and Bible readings is the privilege of all Christians. In respose the church has been restoring these services to their rightful place. The 1928 Prayer Book restored the late evening prayer service of Compline or Night Prayer. Long a favorite of those making a retreat, this short service traditionally has included the night Psalms 4 and 134 as well as Psalm 91, the psalm of protection.

With the publication of the Common Worship books, the Church of England has now officially restored not only Night Prayer but also Prayer during the Day. Using the links provided on this page, we invite you to explore the resources for Praying the Psalms with us.

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