Church building


The present St. Michael's church building is a little over 100 years old, but the main door is from the earlier Norman church and there is some Jacobean panelling in the Vicar's Vestry.

A new church path was laid in January 2009. This photograph new path near main church door shows the path just a few days before final completion. The path has a level access to the main church door. It is now posible to enter the church without having to climb any steps. This gives good access to wheelchair users, prams and pushchairs. Further details can be found on our Recent events page.

There is churchyard surrounding the church building. A team of volunteers keeps our grounds tidy and the grass in the surrounding cemetery cut.

We need as many helpers as we can get as we only have a team of 4 volunteers at the moment. Ideally we could do with at least 5 so that 3 can strim and 2 can cut when we are all there together. this allows for holidays and other commitments without coming back to long grass.
Are you able to spare an hour or so on a Tuesday or Friday morning? Please wither have a word with Glenn or ring John on 0113 253 2796 for further details.


St Michael's has a fine clock in the church tower. tower clock The church clock was recently returned to running order again after a very long lay off due to the complexity of the repairs. In August 2010 the Cumbrian Clock company came along to St. Michael's to investigate the state of the northern face of the clock and surrounding stone work. A potential problem was highlighted by the architect in the quinquennial report last year which is a five year check on the church fabric. As you can see there's more to the Cumbrian clock company than just fixing and maintaining clocks. Here is an employee who has scaled the tower for a closer look and taken photos of any work that needs to be completed.

St Michael's also has a historical peal of 8 bells which are rung regularly for the main Sunday services.

The wood panelling in wedding flowers the sancturay together with the choir stalls and furnishings makes St Michael's an excellent place for flower displays. The church hosted a flower festival by East Ardsley Flower Club on 11th - 13th July 2009. The warm tones of the wood in the sanctuary also provide a perfect backdrop for your wedding flower displays.


St Michaels nave St Michaels font